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A Multi-Tier Approach to Shoulder Pain Treatment 

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on December 27, 2019

Shoulder pain can be caused by a number of issues including stress, injury, and overuse. Natural Healing Arts Medical Center in Bradenton, Florida offers multiple treatment options for shoulder pain, including physical therapy and stem cell therapy. Along with physical therapy... Read More

Your 5-Point Proper Computer Posture Checklist

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on November 27, 2019

Working at a computer for a long period of time can cause pain and discomfort, especially regarding poor posture. At Natural Healing Arts Medical Center, located in Bradenton, Florida, we share this proper computer posture checklist to avoid back and... Read More

Spinal Decompression for Herniated Discs

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on September 16, 2019

Using gravity and physics to alleviate excruciating back pain in Bradenton, FL. Natural Healing Arts Medical Center prides itself on taking a natural, common sense approach to treating pain of all kinds. When it comes to back pain related to herniated... Read More

O-Shot for Orgasmic Dysfunction and Bladder Leaks

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on August 16, 2019

All-natural treatment for all-too-common female problems in Bradenton, FL. Stress. Parenting. Aging. For women, the responsibilities of life can take their toll – physically, emotionally and sexually. If you are experiencing personal issues relating to sex drive, sexual discomfort, or inability to... Read More

P-Shot for ED and Male Enhancement

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on July 17, 2019

Learn how the P-Shot can dramatically improve your life in Bradenton, FL. At our office, we strive to enhance the lives of each patient – starting with a review of their overall wellness and treatment goals. For many men, the stress... Read More

Slim Up with Cryoskin

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on June 17, 2019

People who’ve been looking for weight loss treatment in Bradenton should consider Cyroskin. Traditional diet and exercises, while providing numerous health benefits, may require a very long time to show weight loss results. On the other hand, “get slim quick”... Read More

GAINSWave Treatment in Bradenton Can Fix Erectile Dysfunction

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on May 17, 2019

Gentlemen, let’s address a stigma about Erectile Disfunction (ED): it’s far more common than most people realize. In fact, the likelihood of ED increases by 10 percent for every 10 years of life a man has (i.e. A man of... Read More

Physical Therapy is the Best Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on April 17, 2019

Shoulder pain is a common condition which may be consistent, interrupt daily functions, and become worse over time. Fortunately, physical therapy could be the answer to treating certain types of pain. The shoulder does not have a ball and socket joint like... Read More

How Can PRP Therapy Help Treat Your Erectile Dysfunction?

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on January 7, 2019

Has your doctor or someone you know recommended PRP therapy for your erectile dysfunction?  Then you probably have a lot of questions about the treatment and what it involves. From what results you can expect from the treatment to whether or... Read More

How to Rehabilitate the Knee After Injury

Written By Abigail Amber on December 17, 2018

  Recovery from a knee injury will likely involve rehabilitation to strengthen the injured knee and help it regain flexibility and range of motion. The modalities for rehabilitation and the length of the process will depend on the type of injury,... Read More

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