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Your 5-Point Proper Computer Posture Checklist

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on November 27, 2019

proper computer postureWorking at a computer for a long period of time can cause pain and discomfort, especially regarding poor posture. At Natural Healing Arts Medical Center, located in Bradenton, Florida, we share this proper computer posture checklist to avoid back and neck pain. 

5-Point Proper Computer Posture Checklist

When sitting in front of a computer over 30 minutes at a time, your body becomes tired and may slouch. If your computer setup is too low, too high, or your keyboard is too far away, this can also cause unnecessary reaching or muscle fatigue. 

Follow these 5 main points of practice for proper posture habits:

  1. Sit in a desk chair that fits your body.

When sitting in an office chair, sit all the way back to avoid slouching and neck and back pain. If your feet do not touch the ground, or your chair is too low, you may need to adjust your chair to fit your body. Investing in the proper desk chair is important for proper posture.

  1. Set up all desk equipment for easy reach.

Your mouse, office phone, keyboard, and other necessary desk items should be within easy reach. Rather than trying to always reach for your phone when it rings, you should be able to comfortably answer it from where you are already sitting. 

  1. Have a comfortable area to rest your wrists and forearms. 

Rest your wrists and forearms on a small cushion or a keyboard wrist rest pad rather than a hard desk surface. Hard surfaces can cause stress on delicate wrist muscles.  

  1. Use ergonomic desk equipment. 

Use a mouse and keyboard that contours to your hands for easy typing and clicking. 

  1. Adjust your desk for sitting and standing. 

Rather than sitting all day long, standing desks are a great way to practice proper posture techniques. Place all desk equipment within easy reach for either standing or sitting to avoid neck and back pain. 

Get Your Posture Checked by a Chiropractor in Bradenton, Florida

Dr. David S. Zamikoff of Natural Healing Arts and Medical Center can help diagnose and treat back and neck pain due to poor computer desk posture. Allow Dr. Zamikoff to recommend chiropractic care options for your neck and back pain, along with seated posture recommendations.

To resolve your back and neck pain due to poor computer posture, contact Natural Healing Arts and Medical Center. Call (941) 761-4994 to make an appointment.



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