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Why You Should See a Chiropractor for Your Lower Back Pain

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on November 30, 2020

rsz backpain4One of the most prevalent health complaints in the United States, low back pain, results in more than 7 million emergency room visits every year.

Even if your discomfort isn't bad enough to warrant a trip to the E.R., low back pain can get in the way of everyday tasks like sitting at your desk or picking up your child.

Chiropractors offer noninvasive low back pain treatments.

Why You Should Avoid Over the Counter Medications for Low Back Pain Treatment

Pain relievers offer a short-term solution to low back pain. Drugs only target the symptoms causing your discomfort, however. They don't fix the actual root cause of back pain – meaning it will return.

Relying consistently on pharmaceuticals to address your back pain creates new problems.

As your body adjusts to over-the-counter solutions, you will have to turn to stronger prescription meds for relief. As your body builds up a tolerance to those meds, you will have to increase your dosage to get the same effect.

This can result in dependence or addiction issues.

Get Care that Addresses the Cause Instead of the Symptoms

Chiropractors don't just alleviate pain. They target one of its major causes – misalignment of the spine's vertebrae.

Noninvasive Targeted Neurostimulation

When the spine is misaligned, the pressure on the surrounding muscles and soft tissues increases. The myofascial tissues interwoven among the musculoskeletal system's muscles and bones become inflamed, creating painful trigger points.

Noninvasive, targeted neurostimulation delivers electrical pulses to these nerve-laden trigger points to release tension. Research has shown such techniques to be 95% effective in patients with low back pain.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

While neurostimulation offers immediate pain relief, spinal decompression therapy provides a long-term fix. This process involves gently stretching the spine, allowing the vertebrae and the jelly-like discs between them to realign correctly.

This eliminates the cause of back pain and decreases the risk of related problems, like herniated disc and pinched nerve.

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Bradenton, Florida

Natural Healing Arts Medical Center in Bradenton, FL, provides spinal decompression and Soleve™ noninvasive, targeted neurostimulation. Following a comprehensive examination, Dr. David S. Zamikoff will create a care plan tailored to your needs.

Improve your quality of life with low back pain treatment. Call us at (941) 761-4994 to schedule your appointment.

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