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Physical Therapy is the Best Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on April 17, 2019

iStock 462343889Shoulder pain is a common condition which may be consistent, interrupt daily functions, and become worse over time.

Fortunately, physical therapy could be the answer to treating certain types of pain.

Diagnosing Shoulder Pain

The shoulder does not have a ball and socket joint like your hip, but instead is supported by several muscles to provide a wide range of motion. However, this means the shoulder is also more susceptible to injury.

The first step in treating shoulder pain is determining what specific condition a patient is suffering from. Many cases involve a shoulder injury from wear and tear from repetitive movement or physical trauma, such as a rotator cuff injury.

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Bradenton

General physicians may treat shoulder pain with pain killers and send a patient on their way. Since this treats the symptom and not the cause, this is a huge mistake.

Chiropractors use specialized techniques to treat shoulder injuries and can help reduce pain while limiting the use of pain killers. Each treatment plan is made to specifically treat each patient to their own needs.

For example, pain and weakness in the rotator cuff may be treated with physical therapy or even STEM therapy in the muscles of the shoulder. In more extreme cases, such as a severe rotator cuff tear, surgery may be necessary for treatment.

Bradenton Chiropractic is the Best Choice for Shoulder Pain

Chiropractors require a doctorates degree for their services and have specialized techniques available to specifically treat shoulder pain.

Perhaps the most important factor in effectively treating shoulder pain after an injury is timing. The sooner a patient comes in for treatment, the better chances they have for a smooth and speedy recovery.

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