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Physical Therapy for Core Strengthening

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on September 25, 2017

It’s no secret that many cases of back pain can be attributed to weak abdominal, or core, muscles. In tandem with chiropractic care, physical therapy programs can be applied to help alleviate chronic pain in the lower lumbar region. In many cases, effective physical therapy can eliminate the need for surgery or other invasive procedures.

Physical therapy is sometimes referred to as rehabilitative therapy, and may be prescribed by a medical doctor or recommended by an alternative therapeutic practitioner. When undertaken as part of a rehabilitative program, physical therapy concentrates on strengthening the muscles surrounding the affected area. 

What Is the Core and How Does It Work?

As a quick anatomy primer, there are six different muscles in three separate layers that comprise the abdominal musculature. These muscles help you bend forward and backward, move laterally from side to side, allow you to rotate or twist, and also support the spine for stable movement. When these muscles are weak from poor posture or lack of exercise, or if one or more of them become injured, it can cause sporadic or chronic pain manifested in the lower lumbar region. Keeping the core muscles strong and flexible contributes to overall spinal health.

Lower back pain can have many causes, but oftentimes it can be the result of overuse of the muscles, ligaments, and discs from an injury that has not been properly managed. Overcompensating by limping, slouching, favoring one side of the body, or not giving an injury time to heal all contribute to structural imbalances, which over time can lead to chronic pain because the spine is not properly supported or stabilized. Strong abdominal muscles provide a stable environment for the spine and skeletal system to allow the body to heal from injury or trauma.

Physical Therapy Provides Long-Term Health Benefits

Physical therapy that concentrates on strengthening the core muscles that help hold the spin in correct alignment can offer tremendous relief to those in pain. In addition to rehabilitative programs, therapists will frequently advise a course of preventative exercises to promote long-term health benefits.

If you are experiencing lower back pain, you may want to consider physical therapy as a treatment or preventative measure. Discuss your pain issues with your chiropractor. They can help you determine the best course of action and refer you to a qualified therapist.

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