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Choose Natural Healing’s Auto Accident Chiropractor

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on January 27, 2020

whiplash treatment auto injuryChiropractic care after a car accident is often an effective method to treat spinal pain, whiplash, sprains, and other related injuries. At Natural Healing Arts Medical Center located in Bradenton, Florida, there are multiple chiropractic treatment options available for car accident injuries. 

Top 5 Benefits of Treating Auto Injuries with Chiropractic Options

One of many studies found that individuals suffering from whiplash and headaches due to auto accidents were cured with chiropractic services. 

There are top 5 benefits for using chiropractic care to treat auto accident injuries compared to surgery or pharmaceuticals. 

  1. Effectively Treat the Source of Pain

Chiropractic care gets to the source of an injury rather than relieving the pain temporarily. Soft tissue injuries, including the spine, is common with automobile accident injuries. Chiropractic adjustments treat the source of inflammation and increase mobility. 

  1. Noninvasive Treatment Option

Invasive surgeries do not have to be the answer in treating your automobile accident injuries. Chiropractors use manual joint manipulation, or using the hands to shift or stimulate movement into a joint. Joint pain and muscle spasms are reduced when injured joints and nerves are treated with this non-invasive technique.

  1. No Need for Pharmaceuticals

Chiropractic adjustments treat the pain, so this eliminates the need for medications. The issue is resolved for good rather than simply covering up the pain from a car accident injury. 

  1. Use Exercise to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation can be reduced with the use of exercise. Range of motion exercises improves your ability to move after a car accident. Chin tucks, flexion (bending the neck forward), and side-bending improve ability to tip your ears towards shoulders are all example of range of motion exercises.

  1. Prevent Future Injuries

Chiropractic care involves preventative exercises and physical therapy to avoid future injuries to the auto accident area. Also, attend chiropractic appointments on a consistent basis to keep your health on track. These precautionary methods will assist in preventing future injuries. 

Visit Your Local Auto Accident Chiropractor

Choose the natural way to treat your auto accident injuries. Dr. David S. Zamikoff of Natural Healing Arts has a diplomate degree from the American Academy of Trauma Professionals Medical Center. He is also a nationally and state certified chiropractor who can diagnose your pain injuries due to an automobile accident. 

To make an appointment with Dr. Zamikoff, please call the office at (941) 761-4994.



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