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Avoid Shoulder Surgery with Stem Cell Therapy in Bradenton

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on September 3, 2018

You may have already heard about stem cell therapy due to the excitement that surrounds this innovative treatment, particularly when treating conditions like autism and multiple sclerosis. 

But did you know it could help you avoid shoulder surgery altogether, providing drug-free, effective, and quick relief from your shoulder pain?

Recently, regenerative medicine has grown at an exponential rate, being found to be highly effective in treating a wealth of things, in particular shoulder pain and knee pain that’s caused by arthritis. So when doctors used to say that the tissues in this area were “beyond repair,” this new type of medicine offers hope.

Let’s find out more about stem cell therapy in Bradenton. 

How Does Stem Cell Therapy in Bradenton Work? 

As stem cells are able to turn into a variety of cells, including ligaments, tendons, and cartilage, they’re at the heart of regenerative medicine. But where do stem cells come from? 

They can be taken from various places, including your fat tissue and bone marrow (these are known as autologous stem cells). However, more and more clinics are now obtaining stem cells from amniotic fluid, which, having protected a baby while it’s in the womb is often discarded during C-sections. And due to it having a far higher level of stem cells, it’s hugely popular in regenerative medicine. 

Of course, this does pose some ethical questions for some people, but many welcome the fact that these injections provide patients with the new lease of life they need. And the autologous stem cells are always available for those who have concerns. 

How Can You Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy? 

Through stem cell therapy, your body is given the chance to use its own innate healing response to regenerate the affected area. This includes healing rotator cuff tears or the degeneration caused by osteoarthritis. 

What’s more, these injections also offer relief from your shoulder pain as they have anti-inflammatory qualities. They also encourage new cartilage to grow and lubricate the existing cartilage in your shoulder to ease mobility. 

Overall, stem cell therapy offers much more scope than conventional treatments. Not only will it eradicate those painful symptoms and the inflammation in your shoulder, but it’ll also repair/restore the tissue to remove your need for shoulder surgery. This prevents future problems, too.

The best bit? 

All of this can be carried out at your local chiropractor’s office in Bradenton. You don’t need to go through the trauma of surgery or overnight stays in a hospital and won’t be subject to a lengthy recovery period. 

Discover stem cell therapy in Bradenton by calling 941-761-4994 today.

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