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A Multi-Tier Approach to Shoulder Pain Treatment 

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on December 27, 2019

shoulder pain treatmentShoulder pain can be caused by a number of issues including stress, injury, and overuse. Natural Healing Arts Medical Center in Bradenton, Florida offers multiple treatment options for shoulder pain, including physical therapy and stem cell therapy.

The Multi-Tier Approach for Shoulder Pain Treatment

Along with physical therapy and stem cell therapy, Natural Healing Arts Medical Center includes three stages of care for the treatment of shoulder pain. 

These three tiers include:

  • Relief Care: Provide relief of symptoms.
  • Corrective Care: Correct problems with healing and rehabilitation methods.
  • Wellness Care: Practice preventative methods such as exercises and have routine checkups with a chiropractor. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy, or rehabilitative therapy, concentrates on strengthening the muscles that are affected by the painful area. 

For example, this therapeutic technique is often used to treat sports shoulder injuries. A physical therapist will prescribe the appropriate pain-relieving methods and preventative exercises to avoid future shoulder injuries.  

Stem Cell Therapy

Avoid medications to manage your shoulder pain and choose stem cell therapy instead. Stem cell therapy involves the use of stem cells – unique cells with the ability to turn into other cell types such as blood cells and cartilage. These regenerated cells are injected into the area that needs restoring. 

This type of therapy not only regenerates problem areas, such as your injured shoulder, but also helps to eliminate pain and lessen inflammation. Stem cell therapy can be a cure for shoulder pain due to injury, tears, and degenerating muscles.

Natural Healing Arts and Medical Center to Treat Shoulder Pain

Dr. David Zamikoff of Natural Healing Arts Medical Center has over 20 years of chiropractic experience. He is board-certified both nationally and at the state level. With his certified help, you will be well on your way to recovery from shoulder pain. 

Choose Natural Healing Arts Medical Center to treat your shoulder pain. To make an appointment, please call (941) 761-4994.



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