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Category: Hormone Therapy

Male Hormone Replacement with BioTE

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on October 6, 2021

BioTE is a bio-identical form of the hormone testosterone. Hormones are a critical part of our bodies that have an impact on cognitive function, growth, and libido.  Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in males and is responsible for... Read More

How Can Hormone Replacement Help Treat Your Erectile Dysfunction?

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on September 30, 2020

Erectile dysfunction is more common than most people realize, affecting more than 18 million men in the United States alone. If you consistently experience erectile dysfunction, you should talk to a doctor. In some instances, the condition is linked to severe... Read More

Hormone Therapy in Bradenton – Is It Right for You?

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on February 27, 2020

The symptoms of menopause can be intense. Hormone therapy in Bradenton has been used for years to help lessen or even eliminate these symptoms. Unfortunately, synthetic hormones have proven side effects.  Does that mean women simply need to deal with intense symptoms?... Read More

The Benefits of BIOTE Natural Hormone Therapy for Improved Sleep and Energy

Written By Natural Healing Arts Medical on January 31, 2018

Are you finding your energy levels flagging throughout the day? Your hormone levels might be to blame. As you age, hormone levels can begin to change within your body, leading to uncomfortable side effects and even fatigue. If you’ve found... Read More

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